Who We Are


Since 1849 Au Sable Grove Presbyterian Church has served the faithful of Yorkville and Northeast Kendall County.  As a family we work together to honor God and each other.


As a family we share good times and bad, help each other when in need and celebrate with each other life's milestones.  We encourage our children to grow strong in their faith to become caring Christians who are ready, willing and able to nurture the next generation of Au Sable Grove faithful.

We were formed in 1848 and just celebrated our 170th anniversary! The original Au Sable Grove Church was built by local farmers and others in 1848 and has been rebuilt, added on and remodeled over the years to make it what it is today. 


Tuesday the 21st

AuSable Grove Presbyterian Church, 5021 Wheeler Road, Yorkville, IL 60560 tel:630-554-3507